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Matt Rosendale Slanders the Memory of John McCain

In a still-developing story, it seems that Matt Rosendale is on the leadership team of a Facebook group that has slandered John McCain and continues to spread salacious and despicable lies and racist remarks.

The group recently came to light as Ron DeSantis, the newly crowned Republican nominee for Governor in Florida, was found to be an admin. DeSantis celebrated his primary victory by using a racial slur about his Democratic opponent, who is an African-American. DeSantis used the term “Monkey this up”.

DeSantis quickly left as admin of the group, but it was discovered that many other Republican candidates are admins or moderators of the group including:

Extremist media figures Pamela Geller, Jack Posobiec,Patrick Howley of the far-right site Big League Politics, and Eliyokim Cohen of the racist fake news site Jews News (who has defended neo-Nazis in the group).

Other administrators and moderators of this group include neo-Confederate Virginia GOP Senate nominee Corey Stewart, as well as Republican congressional candidates Danny Tarkanian, Daniel Crenshaw, Matt Rosendale, Patrick Morrisey, and Chris McDaniel, and Rep. Jim Renacci (R-OH), who is running for re-election.

via Media Matters for America

That’s right, Matt Rosendale condones slandering the newly passed on John McCain. Rosendale has sidled up to racists in his campaign many times as Don Pogreba has detailed over and over again, but this is the first time he has joined in on attacks on John McCain.

John McCain passed away last week and the reaction was bipartisan in honoring his life and dedication to America. Well, besides the typical narcissistic response from the Emperor without clothes DJ Trump. His shenanigans with raising the flag mid-day were to be expected of a man without a moral compass, but Rosendale joining him was actually surprising.

Does Rosendale stand with DJ Trump when he said this about John McCain?

Montanans deserve to know if Matt Rosendale will honor the memory of John McCain and call Trump out for his slander?

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