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Daines’ Political Friends in the Kremlin Scuttle McCain’s Memory

As most of us spent Sunday working through the complicated thoughts we have about Senator John McCain on the day of his death, there was something else going on in Moscow. McCain championed some of the harshest sanctions and policies that have put Russian mafiosi, oligarchs, and politicians (they are all interchangeable) in a vice. So obviously Moscow was not going to hold back…

This is intriguing because not but seven weeks ago on American Independence Day, our own Steve Daines, a member of Senator McCain’s caucus, was in Moscow meeting with politicians like that. So it’s especially rich that Daines sent out this message that same day:

Well, one way to honor his decades of service to this country, Senator Daines, would be to stop going to Moscow and appeasing these corrupt-to-their-core Russian who McCain wanted to put into a corner. You know, the prisoner of war who understands what repression and authoritarianism more so than any of us. What for him was a brutal life lesson has become an easy check in your campaign account. Of all the shameful acts anyone from his own party could take, Daines will take the cake by crawling on his knees for more Russian money meant to end the sanctions McCain was instrumental in crafting.

Daines will do it with a smile.

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Josh Manning

Josh Manning is a combat veteran who lives in Helena. His writing has appeared in the Los Angeles Time and Newsweek and he has appeared on MSNBC and CNN. He was a primary researcher to the recently published New York Times bestseller "The Plot to Destroy Democracy" by MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance. You can follow him on Twitter @joshuamanning23

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