Rosendale, Gianforte and Daines Ignore Montana Workers Locked Out of Jobs by Foreign Company!

The Silence is DEAFENING

“Seems pretty reasonable to ask why @ and @ have been silent on the Imerys lockout, doesn’t it? Don’t they live right in that neighborhood?” – Don Pogrega

Take a look at Don’s coverage of our current elected representatives and their silence on the workers locked out by a foreign corporation in Three Forks, Montana:

An important question from Don.

Perhaps Rosendale, Gianforte and Daines are scared, or perhaps they just don’t care about these Montana folks who are losing their pensions and healthcare. That sounds more like the reason.

Chip in a few bucks to the GoFundMe for the locked out workers here.

Boilermaker Local 239 Fundraiser

They are currently without benefits or pay.

While we have heard from Republicans and Democrats supporting the workers in Three Forks, we have not heard from Rosendale, Gianforte or Daines and it seems a question worth posing to these three.

Republican Attorney General of Montana Tom Fix did speak out and was immediately attacked by #MAGA accounts on Twitter. An interesting response to a very milquetoast statement.

Another question that Don posed that would be worth hearing an answer from Rosendale, Gianforte and Daines. Imerys made 12 million dollars in profit last year and benefitted from the tax scam, yet they still divested from long-term American workers who had given their lives to this talc plant in Three Forks, Montana. This shows that all the claims that the tax scam would make jobs were just lies.

The Montana AFL-CIO offered this advice for how you can help:

AM Welles is one of the trucking companies still sending trucks across the picket-line.

Call them and tell them to stand with their neighbors and stop sending trucks to Three Forks until the lockout ends: 406-685-3372

That’s some pretty gross and scabby behavior from AM Welles.

If you haven’t checked out Don Pogreba’s twitter of late do yourself a favor and get over there: Don Pogreba on Twitter

I really think it’s important that I say this because so much happens so fast these days and those of us at The Montana Post don’t have time to write a piece on everything that happens, nor is coverage necessary of every event. Often a simple tweet says it all. Just 280 characters really hammers the point home better than several paragraphs.

Don Pogreba has his finger on the pulse of both mediums, but you would miss a lot if you only read his blog posts. His tweets are always to the point, incisive and necessary analysis for the political junkie or news enthusiast.



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