Underwater Polling for Unlikeable Steve Daines: Here’s Why

Steve Daines was in Russia this summer,, this photo is a parody of that visit.

In a recent poll by Morning Consult, Montana’s Junior Republican Senator Steve Daines is polling at 40% approval. A Gravis Marketing Poll from June had Steve Daines at 41% approval, Congressman Gianforte was at 43% whereas Senator Tester was at 51% and Kathleen Williams at 49%.

In a University of Montana Poll back in March, Steve Daines only had 34% say his job performance was Good or better.

Steve Daines should be worried and it is obvious to Montanans why Daines is only polling around 30%-40%.

Steve Daines stands for nothing and does nothing in his role as a Senator from Montana. He is the least brave Senator and will never come out for something Montanans want but the Republican Party is against. He is always the last to say anything about the events unfolding around the nation, he only speaks up after Trump or other Republicans already have acted.

The only thing that Daines has done is personally cut taxes for himself and for other millionaires like him. Remember the million dollar kickback he personally secure for pass through businesses, like his own? If you are ever able to speak with Daines, he will state in one way or another that every issue can be solved by cutting taxes. Apart from tax cuts, all we’ve seen Daines do is:

Avoid Montanans by cancelling speeches:


Endorse and then remove his endorsement of pedophile Roy Moore only after other Senators pulled their endorsements:


Boycott Delta because they won’t give him his NRA discount and then flying again on Delta:


Joy ride around the country with Gianforte on our public aircraft:

Try to Sell Off our Public Lands through the WSAs and not even hold a single public meeting:



…and also he actively tries to sell off our public lands too:



Go to Russia on the 4th of July:

Steve Daines was in Russia just one month ago, this photo is a parody of that visit.

Then votes against security funding for our elections:


Hangs out with Don Jr. more than any REAL Montana:

Holds a press conference supporting Community Health Centers, then votes against its funding:


Holds two press conference to support the Land, Water and Conservation Fund, then votes against the funding:


Only holds Telephone Halls, no real town halls.

Takes credit for Bills he didn’t work on (Tester’s Bills):


Votes for $1.5 Trillion in Debt spending, and then says we need to cut spending on programs:

And a litany of other culture war propaganda.

We never see Steve Daines talking with Montanans about the needs of our state. Real Montanans, not pre-screened telephone-town halls, invitation-only events, or secret schedules to avoid REAL people. Daines is content to just sit behind his computer monitor or phone to communicate with Montanans, never actually doing the hard work of a representative and getting close to the people of Montana. Daines could be a twitter bot and no one would know or care.

The reality is Senator Daines is a multi-millionaire from Bozeman. He only cares about other rich people and identity politics of the Republican party. He is out of touch and its probably why his tweets almost always get ratioed. This seems to have worked to secure his base in Montana, 40%. But to win an election in Montana, you have to sway independents to your side. You have to think about middles class families, workers, and the poor. You can’t win by just appealing to your millionaire class and hoping campaign cash will put you over the top. That doesn’t work in Montana, Montanans see straight through bullshit.

Daines is thought to be a savvy political operator but prefers to work in the shadows or behind a keyboard. But now that he is out in the open and has to be accountable…

With polling like this and a Senator who only looks out for himself, Spineless Steve can be defeated in 2020.

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