Kathleen Williams & John Heenan Release Video Decrying Corporate PAC Money, Russ Fagg Still Hasn’t Endorsed Matt Rosendale

“It took Representative Gianforte no time at all to flip-flop on his promise that he would decline corporate PAC contributions.” stated Kathleen Williams, candidate for Congress. “In a step to clean up the race for the U.S. House, I announced today that I won’t be accepting corporate PAC contributions to my campaign. I’m focused on serving Montanans, and no one else. It’s what Montana deserves. Please watch this video featuring my friend John Heenan for Congress, and share! We need your help to win this race, now more than ever.

view video here: Kathleen Williams and John Heenan video

It’s great to see unity and fighting back against dark money, things that Matt Rosendale has no idea about.

We haven’t heard a peep from Russ Fagg about Matt Rosendale and if you search online it’s as if he never ran for the U.S. Senate as a bigoted former judge. Maybe Rosendale has told him he doesn’t want another racist’s endorsement, he’s met his quota.

Also notable, according to Mother Jones:

In the waning days of the campaign, one of Rosedale’s rivals, former judge Russ Fagg, attacked him for not supporting the death penalty. In a state where the overwhelming majority of Republican voters support capital punishment, Rosendale’s win is notable.


Matt Rosendale has been endorsed by Steve Bannon though which led Montana reporters to ask:

Will Steve Bannon endorsement now hurt Matt Rosendale’s Senate bid?


Here is the tweet about the Kathleen Williams and John Heenan video:

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