Ryan Zinke is Caught in Web of Lies and Corruption

“Neither myself or my wife were involved in the city’s approval of the development that included among other facilities, a microbrewery on the developer’s property adjacent to the proposed parking lot. Neither my wife or I are involved with the building or operation of any planned microbrewery. Any suggestion to the contrary is absurd.” Ryan Zinke

According to reporting in Politico this is a lie.

Interior IG to scrutinize Zinke’s beer-making plans

The Western Values Project stated it best:

Yet, the Lesar-backed development is simply the latest iteration of the brewery that Zinke first proposed in September 2012 on a piece of residential property that he and his wife own. Shelved in December after residents objected. https://flatheadbeacon.com/2012/12/09/plans-shelved-for-whitefish-brewery-and-bed-and-breakfast/

He named the planned brewery & the company they started that owns the residential property “Double Tap,” a SEAL term for two gunshots. Even asked Whitefish city government to approve a zoning change that would allow him to convert the residential property into a microbrewery.

Zinke and other Montana state senators passed bills to encourage the growth, including one that allowed breweries to increase how many barrels they could produce and sell on their own premises.

Zinke himself introduced a bill in the Montana Legislature in 2011 that would have allowed such establishments to stay open until 10 p.m., two hours later than what existing law allowed. The bill died in committee.

Zinke’s first efforts failed after the City declined to approve the zoning change necessary to turn his property into a brewpub. After all these years, is going to tell us they are not involved in any brewery? 

We also know from official calendars and confirmed by Zinke himself that he met with the developer and Lesar in his office to discuss the development plans. In the Secretary’s first interview since the scandal broke on the conservative Voices of Montana radio show, Zinke explained the August meeting in his office. During the interview, the Secretary said, “So they [Lesar and his son] come and say, ‘hey, what’s the background.’ So we meet in the office…

Zinke’s 14th Investigation May Be His Last

Developer Malmquist even sent an email to Zinke, saying “our development plan and your park project are an absolute grand slam” that included site maps. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aJlDTy9rpCwH-HWBxVflFK3U7sFNlOFH/view

See the tweet thread here:

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