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Montana’s Energy Future – Andy Shirtliff

Written by Andy Shirtliff, Democratic candidate for Montana Public Service Commission

We live in the last best place, full of big skies and bigger opportunities, and we’ve only begun to scratch the surface on our state’s potential for energy development.

The current PSC is stifling the development of new, cleaner, and more affordable energy. It makes sense for families to lower their utility bills and it makes sense for new wind and solar business that will bring new jobs and economic growth to Montana; as well as new revenue streams for local and county governments.

I support a balanced and diverse energy portfolio that includes wind and solar so we can deliver consumers the best options to keep power bills affordable and bring clean energy and good jobs to Montana.

My career working in economic development with Main Street Montana businesses has taught me that we have opportunities all over Montana for all forms of safe, clean, renewable energy.

Our state has not only survived recessions but thrived because we had a diversity of industries, and we must embrace this fact to become the energy leaders of the nation.

Not relying solely on one source of power, but removing barriers, incentivizing innovation, promoting competition, accountability and diversifying our energy portfolio so we can create better high-paying jobs and a brighter future for Montana.

The roles and responsibilities of the Montana Public Service Commission are not as well known as they should be, however, their decisions could change your life like the flick of a switch.

I aim to bring a greater transparency and accountability to the Montana PSC, not playing favorites to one company or industry, but a dedication to Montana’s families and small businesses; with a balanced, fair and just approach.

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