Matt Rosendale Once Again Puts East Coast Donors Ahead of Doing His Job for Montanans

In what is becoming a pattern, Matt Rosendale was back in DC again this week to campaign. But wait, isn’t Rosendale more than just a Senate candidate? Oh yeah, he’s Montana’s Insurance Commissioner. Shouldn’t Montanans expect Rosendale to, you know, be in Montana actually doing some work for them from time to time.

He wasn’t working last Tuesday or Wednesday because Mike Pence was in town, and then this week was in Washington DC, holding at least two more fundraisers hosted by D.C. lobbyists and PACs to try to keep his campaign afloat. 

Monday and Tuesday are typically work days for many Montanans, but that’s apparently not the case for Matt, who would rather rub elbows with wealthy insiders on the East Coast than face Montanans.

On Tuesday, while Rosendale was in Washington, attending a reception charging $2,500 to be a “host,” Montanans stood outside Rosendale’s office to voice their concerns about Rosendale not doing his job and rubber-stamping significant rate hikes for Montana consumers last year.

Montana providers and patients also criticized Rosendale for choosing not to hold public hearings on this year’s proposed insurance rates, instead, choosing his campaign over fighting for Montana.

It’s no wonder Rosendale jets off to anywhere but Montana—he can’t look Montanans in the eye as they face higher health care costs and he does nothing to protect them.

One of the best ways to decide if you should hire someone for a new job is certainly to evaluate their performance at their current one. Given that Matt Rosendale doesn’t care enough about the Montanans he’s being paid to serve now, why would we give him a promotion to another job where he’d be even closer to the D.C. elite he’s already spending so much time with?


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