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Has Steve Daines met with Montana Voters or Russians more recently?

Can you guess when the last time Steve Daines says he held a town hall with Montanans?

According to Steve Daines own admission, the last time he held an event billed as a town hall was………848 days ago.

As first reported in the Helena Independent Record:

We all know the last time Steve Daines met with the Russians.

His now infamous Independence day 2018 meeting with his new overlord and operator, the KGB’s worst, Vladimir Putin.

American politicians have long used the Fourth of July parades, picnics, and fireworks shows as a showcase for their patriotism. Soon, local and statewide candidates will fan across the state to drape themselves in the flag and talk about what a great country we live in. Because it is true, across the political divides, that we are a great nation. One of Montana’s senators, however, will not be in Montana today. Steve Daines decided to spend American Independence Day in Moscow.

Daines’ visit comes ahead of our president’s summit with Russian autocrat-president Vladimir Putin later this month. Putin is the guy who federal investigators are looking into for affecting the outcome of the vote that put Trump into office. America’s energy secretary was there last week and now Daines is there with three other senators and the president’s national security advisor, a man who makes no secret about his love for authoritarian leaders.

That’s your answer.

Steve Daines met with the Russians who murder journalists and political opponents 23 days ag0.

The Russians who actively work with war criminal Bashar Al-Assad who commits atrocities against his own people with illegal chemical weapons. The Russians who are a threat to the regional security of Eastern Europe with internationally sanctioned seizures in Georgia, Ukraine and next possibly the Baltic states. The Russians who shot down a passenger plane in Ukraine killing over 217 innocent people.

This is who Steve Daines will sit down with before he’ll schedule another town hall with Montanans.

The last time Steve Daines had a town hall with Montanans was 848 days ago.

It’s time to come home Senator Daines and let the people of Montana know what’s going on back in the Russian-infested swamp that you now reside.

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