Gianforte’s History of Violence

After audio was released last week that showed Greg Gianforte has a history of abusive, violent behaviors it has started an outpouring of citizens standing up and speaking out. I have received many calls, messages and concerned citizens reaching out.

(If you have been violently assaulted by Greg Gianforte, please contact law enforcement or call 911 before contacting the tip line, [email protected])

One Facebook commenter stated:

Then just today I saw a letter to the editor in the Missoula Independent that I thought I would share with you:

Behind closed doors

Gianforte has a history of violence, but not just with the press. If he comes this unglued when the press asks him challenging questions, what do you think he has done in the board room or at home when he is challenged? Who else has Gianforte verbally or physically assaulted in New Jersey and in Bozeman? You don’t just snap one day at age 55. This is a pattern of assault.

Janet Wilson

I think Ms. Wilson raises a good point and some questions a brave reporter could ask the convicted criminal congressman next time they get a chance.

This is a pattern, Greg Gianforte shows a pattern of rude, abusive and violent behavior that voters deserve to know about.

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