Matt Rosendale’s Favorite Senator Just Launched An All-Out Assault on Our Public Lands

Montana Republicans just can’t seem to shake their attraction to the idea of selling off our public lands, no matter how unpopular the idea is among the people of our state–and Matt Rosendale is no exception.

While he’s half-heartedly attempting to backtrack now, when it counted, Rosendale worked to sell off the public lands that are so important to our state. He co-sponsored legislation to begin the process, ran a Congressional campaign on the idea, and even voted to create a state task force that conservation groups quickly–and rightly–denounced as a backdoor plan to privatize state land.

While Mr. Rosendale is trying to get to the Senate, one of his earliest backers, Senator Mike Lee from Utah, is launching another assault on the public lands of the West. Lee, who praised Rosendale as someone who would help restore “constitutionally limited government,” recently gave a speech and tweeted out a plan to have the states take over federal lands, a step that would inevitably lead to the privatization of much of the land we value so much for its public access here in Montana.

Throughout his idea-free campaign, Rosendale has repeatedly implied that Senator Tester has endorsed every idea presented by any Democrat anywhere in the country, so it seems reasonable to ask: does Rosendale agree with Senator Lee, the Wilks Brothers and himself from just a few years ago? Will he stand against Lee and pledge to never vote for federal land transfer?

Given his connection to the Wilks Brothers and politicians like Mike Lee, it seems abundantly clear that there is no way we can trust Rosendale to protect our public lands heritage no matter how he tries to spin his position today.

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