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Trump Rewards Violent Criminal Gianforte for Assaulting Reporter with Ride on Air Force One

According to sources, Greg Gianforte rode Air Force One at the request of Donald Trump today to the rally in Great Falls.

While the thought of a convicted violent criminal riding on Air Force One at the request of say, President Obama, would have sent Fox news and other media outlets into a tailspin of hyperbolic ranting, this just passes by another day in the country that we are all watching quickly turn into something that none of us want to name.

This comes after audio was released earlier this week that showed another incident where Greg Gianforte acted like a violent criminal to a reporter and after last week where we saw a mass shooting at a newspaper by a shooter radicalized by Trump and his henchmen. This was a man with a grudge against the paper for over half a decade, yet it took the President and one of his biggest supporters, white supremacist Milo Yiannopoulos inciting violence against journalists for it to happen.

While it seems some controversy exists in newsrooms across the state about the release of the audio the overarching need for the public to know supersedes any other factors. No one’s safety is at risk by releasing the audio and the article that was originally written shows the limits of print.

The audio is frightening. You can’t just let a reader see the words if you have the audio. The audio is actually scary and hard to listen to, but it is essential for voters to know that this is the man who was elected to Congress in 2017.

Montanans have a right to know what their congressman sounds like in close quarters, when questioned hard, by reporters who know more about the topic than he does when he sent out a vicious flier attacking entire nations and religions.

The questioning is on point, brilliant and incisive. Greg Gianforte obviously has no idea what he’s talking about or doesn’t want to have to defend it so he chooses anger at the reporters over answering the question.

This is a pattern, Greg Gianforte shows a pattern of rude, abusive and violent behavior that voters deserve to know about. That’s what this is about, nothing else.

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