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Missoula Republican State Senate Candidate Niki Sardot Steeped in Conspiracy Theories

(Niki Sardot being kissed by Ryan Zinke and Trey Gowdy who led the Benghazi investigation against Hillary pictured above)

It’s 2018 and it seems the conspiracy theorists feel free to spout their nonsense in the world of Trump’s Presidency. That is to be expected, I guess.

What you don’t expect is for these conspiracy theorist crackpots to be running for office in Missoula, Montana and genuinely it is a little scary that they would feel free to run in such a spectacular place like Missoula.

Niki Sardot is just that Republican running for State Senate in Missoula and she really has some very frightening ideas. She is challenging incumbent state legislator Bryce Bennett for State Senate.

I found this Facebook post on her page.

In one post Niki Sardot manages to bring up a conspiracy theory about the United Nations taking over as a one world government. This is the idea behind the conspiracy theory, Agenda 21. Then Nicki manages to somehow blame Missoula mayor John Engen for being involved and claiming that the UN plans to wipe out 95% of the world’s population. Wow. That is a lot to take in for one Facebook post.

One Republican was quoted discussing Agenda 21 and this is what they had to say:

“It drives 90 percent of federal legislation.” He said, “it is an agenda, a blueprint for the 21st Century, that involves creating a one-world government, socialist in structure and communist at heart, that will destroy our constitution and destroy the middle class, transferring America’s wealth to the Third World.

This is absurd

He traces the beginning of the agenda to a meeting of 35 to 40 international bankers and world leaders called the Club of Rome which met in 1968. It was here that the decision was made to use “environmentalism” as the tool to unite people worldwide and subsequently bring them under one government.

This is very anti-semitic

“They decided to use environmentalism as a tool to promote political ideas and agendas which otherwise would be so wildly unpopular that they would have no chance of being implemented,” said Happel.

The agenda began to be implemented through ideas of Smart Growth, zoning regulations, wilderness bills, wildlands and endangered species initiatives.

“In this way private property can be increasingly controlled and ultimately eliminated,” said Happel. He said that government agencies, especially federal government agencies, have been co-opted by the oligarchic elite that designed the agenda and are implementing it with the use of facilitators in the “public process,” a method he said was invented in Stalin’s Russia to control the people with a semblance of participation.

The agenda calls for the establishment of wilderness zones with corridors that would involve relocating most Montanans to some large city, like Seattle, where they would be housed like sardines in compact housing developments, deprived of automobiles, and basically held hostage to some job in the city. Meanwhile vast areas of land would be reclaimed for wilderness to be used by the rich oligarchy.

Happel claims the bulk of environmental legislation is a result of this agenda, including the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, Natural Grasslands Act and the Endangered Species Act. He said they are part of a plot to create wilderness corridors from the Yucatan to the Yukon, “and it all involves taking property and taking the rights away from anybody left with any property.”

Is this the platform that Niki Sardot is running for State Senate on? She has some questions to answer and the people of Missoula deserve the respect of an answer.

Perhaps that is why Niki Sardot was unable to get a campaign treasurer.

Truly though I think Missoula needs to make sure it defends its home turf in 2018 and makes sure it elects Democrats up and down the ballot and makes sure crackpots like Niki Sardot lose by massive margins.

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