The Only Sanctuary for Cruelness

Okay everyone, Matt Rosendale is going to “get tough.” His first general election ad, usually reserved for a nice moment of personal reflection about their lives and backstory is instead a massive flame to light Montana xenophobes on fire. Watch:

Everyone, we are going “BUILD. THAT. WALL.” I mean I can only see this anymore as a game show chant where the audience shouts this out whenever prompted (have you seen a Trump rally?). So here we are, the election in Montana will be initially defined on one side by the threats of immigration from a border state far, far south of here. Republicans know a lesson from history: xenophobia helps authoritarians remain in power and build a base.

I can rightly understand that the man who Rosendale wants to replace does not want to enter this arena. While this makes some modicum of political sense to me, the entire rest of my being does not understand why no one will serve up the softball that is the reality of Trump’s immigration policies. It is LITERALLY being exposed every day the past few weeks and if you want crossover appeal… this is the issue.

Here’s an easy frame: Families are coming here to seek the freedom laid out by the centuries of acceptance American once had. Instead of coming to America to find their chance for success and achieving what all humans want, they are instead facing some of the most insidious policing and detentions America has laid out since the Japanese internment camps of World War Two. It actually may be worse.

Exhibit A: A Honduran immigrant said she had her baby, BABY, taken from her while she was feeding it. Why? Is she a gang member? Is she a threat? Does her breastmilk pose a “clear and present danger” to America?

Exhibit B: Immigrate CHILDREN are being housed in a former Walmart Supercenter. This is rich because anyone who has been near the border would see the line of cars crossing Mexico to get cheap supplies from a Walmart just across the border. Ever been to a border town, Matt Rosendale? I have.

Exhibit C: The Trump immigration policies may involve sending CHILDREN to MILITARY BASES and parents into FEDERAL PRISONS. Meanwhile, ICE doesn’t know where around 1,500 children are (which actually could be a good thing for the kids). So DREAMers who came here through no fault of their own cannot join the military but we can certainly use military bases to house immigrant children. This is an amazing irony that should destroy your soul. Unless you are Matt Rosendale.

Exhibit D: Meanwhile the California National Guard went to “protect” the border but the soldiers are doing nothing more than shoveling manure and watching the dirt blow around.

These are the four stories I could remember in the 30 minutes of furious anger I felt today. If you have more, please share them and as many pictures as possible in the comments. Please. Please. Please.

So when Rosendale talks about sanctuary cities and building a wall and “illegals” this is what he is really talking about. Insanely cynical and evil policies meant to inject steroids into a rudderless and incompetent campaign should not be the path to success. Yet they seem to be the chosen way right now.

But there are ways to combat this. The senate has a bill called “No Child Left Inside” and 40 senators have already signed on. None of the “red state” senators, to include Tester, have signed on as I write this. I am furious that this is not a bipartisan issue. CHILDREN ARE BEING TORN AWAY FROM THEIR MOTHERS FOR NO OTHER CRIME THAN COMING TO SEEK FREEDOM FROM GANG VIOLENCE AND REPRESSION. Rosendale talks about “sanctuary cities” like they are places from the seventh level of hell. They are air conditioned apartments in caring cities where people will provide food, shelter, and care to people who are targeted simply for skin color and their place of origin. That, THAT, is America. Sanctuary cities are something the FOUNDERS would have been okay with. But that time is no longer with us.

We, Americans, Montanans, senators, representatives, police, military forces have taken their children and sent them to internment camps where the temperatures go above 100 degrees. This is shameful and un-American. Whoever does not stand up to it is part and parcel of it. Fuck politics and optics. This is about who we are. If we do not stand up now, we never will.



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