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Montana Politics

This guy wants to be Montana’s next U.S. Senator

Written by Pete Talbot

I have no problem with Montana Auditor Matt Rosendale being from Maryland. A lot of fine people in Montana come from other states. I also don’t begrudge him being a millionaire, although I’m not sure we need many more of those in congress. It does bother me that he plays fast and loose with the facts.

In his latest op-ed piece in the Missoulian, Rosendale blames Obamacare for rising health care costs. He says that he, along with President Trump, will fix the system. He praises Trump and congressional Republicans for repealing the individual mandate.

Guess what? If you allow all the young and healthy people to exit the health insurance pool, prices are going to go up for everyone else. And, more people in the pool gives more negotiating clout with medical providers and pharmaceutical companies.

Rosendale states, “Obamacare has made a mess of our health insurance and health care systems… ” Like they were in such great shape before Obamacare. Yes, health care costs continue to rise, but in a Massachusetts Institute of Technology report, individual-market premiums haven’t been rising as fast as they were before Obamacare.

Rosendale continues, “One of the major problems with Obamacare … is that it prevents Montanans from developing our own, better health care system.” So, we should forego the $19,880,140 in subsides from the federal government for people using the marketplace exchange in favor of a statewide plan? Where’s the money going to come from? We are already seeing substantial cuts in health and human services to the most vulnerable in Montana.

Another recommendation from Rosendale is “health care sharing ministries,” organizations that offer insurance to members of certain religious faiths. As PBS reports:

 …unlike the ACA or employer-provided insurance, these ministries have no guarantee of solvency and can reject claims that traditional insurance companies are barred from rejecting. They also have little, if any, government oversight.

Rosendale also fails to mention that the Trump administration is sanctioning the end of insurance companies having to cover those with pre-existing conditions. Asthma, diabetes, cancer? You’ll soon be out of luck.

Finally, wouldn’t it be great if Rosendale did the job of protecting Montanan’s from unscrupulous insurance and securities scams instead of spending his time campaigning for the U.S. Senate using bogus Republican health care talking points.

Single payer, anyone?







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