Rosendale’s Spokesman Scandalous-Scanlon: If his lips are moving, he’s lying

It’s a week into the general election and Matt Rosendale’s campaign is already in a tailspin of lies he can’t pull out of. But he can always bail. #Rosenbail

Matt Rosendale’s campaign agreed in multiple news outlets that he would join Senator Jon Tester on the debate stage in Whitefish this weekend for the annual Montana Broadcaster’s Association debate, but then he bailed:

Tester, Rosendale look ahead to Whitefish debate

Cancellation or confusion, Rosendale backs out of Whitefish debate with Tester

But, this is what we’ve come to expect from Matt Rosendale and his communications team. Lies, Lies, and more Lies.

It only makes sense that a liar like Rosendale would have his communications director be Shane Scanlon, the now scandalous liar who sent out a press release blaming reporter Ben Jacobs for Congressman Gianforte assaulting him. Birds of a feather will lie together.

Speaking of birds looks like Rosendale was called out for being too chicken to debate:

Jon Tester is Montana’s Senator so he’s going to Whitefish anyway, with or without Rosendale:

Matt Rosendale is a man who would piss down your back and tell you it’s raining, so it must be nice knowing he can punch someone in broad daylight and have multiple eyewitnesses, but his communications director Scanlon will go out there and bald face lie to every Montana. To have such an unscrupulous person doing your communications makes it hard for you to ever be held accountable for your actions, but the Montana press is doing a good job seeing through Scanlon’s lies:

Scanlon’s only skill is to lie to Montanans and the Montana press corp when Rosendale accidentally shows Montanans his true east coast views and buffoonery. Rosendale is as worthless as tits on a bull, and Scanlon isn’t prepared to make Rosendale into the mediocre Senate candidate Senate President Mitch McConnell needs. It will be very soon that D.C. Republicans emerge from their swamp and fly out to Montana to bail out Rosendale. You can already smell the stench on the tarmac.

Meanwhile, Rosendale just headed back to the DC swamp, while lying about debating and not doing his job as State Auditor. #RosendaleResign

If Rosendale can’t work hard as Montana State Auditor, perhaps it is time that he resign to campaign full time. #RosendaleResign

The swamp will soon come to Montana to protect their native Maryland son, but it won’t be enough to convince Montana voters that Rosendale has their best interests at heart and not just the promises he’s made to his billionaire donors so he can advance his political career.

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