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(Guest Post) Trump Is Saving a Spot for Trudeau

Written by James C. Nelson

James C. Nelson is retired Montana Supreme Court Justice who served from 1993-2012.

No doubt Canadians are wondering what is going on in the United States with the President. So are most Americans. Alienating our closest friend, Canada—not to mention our other global allies–at the G-7 summit was predictable, par for the course, given the Trump Administration’s blundering, populist, nationalistic approach to nearly everything.  But that is not how Americans define diplomacy or good citizenship, nor is it an approach with which we agree.

Trump’s trade-war/sanctions are bush-league, to begin with. But for him to expect that the Canadian people would get kicked under the bus without a fight, demonstrates the sort of disdain and arrogance that is quintessentially Donald Trump.  That Prime Mister Trudeau stood up to this global bully was not only to be expected—but it should be applauded.

My wife and I have lived within in a few hour’s drive of the border for our entire lives. My grandfather was from Newfoundland. We have a family member who is married to a Canadian and who lives in the Maritimes. My wife’s nieces and nephews and their families are Canadians. We visit Canada often; we vacation there; and we respect Canadians as our neighbors, our friends, and our allies. Canada is our sister Country; we share the Waterton Peace Park with Alberta. Thus, we consider the Trump Administration’s treatment of Canada, and his sophomoric attacks on Prime Minister Trudeau to be disgraceful.

Keep in mind, Trump lost the popular election in 2016 by some 3 million votes. He was elected only because of an historical artifact in our Constitution—and also, of course, with the help of dark mega-money and Vladimir Putin.

But, 2020 is only two years away, and I trust that women, African Americans, Latinos, minorities and millions of rational U.S. voters will tell Trump, “You’re Fired.” We the people will consign this, embarrassing, loser administration and its leader to the dust bin of history.

Indeed, if there’s a “special place in hell” for Mr. Trudeau,–as the President’s trade adviser, Peter Navarro stated–I have no doubt that Mr. Trump will be saving him a seat by the fire.

Jim Nelson

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