#RosendaleResigns…From Scheduled Debate

Amid the stirring controversy that State Auditor Matt Rosendale is using his office and taxpayer money to campaign for the U.S. Senate, he has decided to resign. No, he did not resign from his office to allow a qualified Auditor do the hard work of regulating insurance corporations, he instead chose to resign from his scheduled debate with Senator Jon Tester he committed to last week.

Montanans know Rosendale isn’t too busy doing the work of the Auditor’s Office to debate Jon Tester, but he is too busy campaigning on your tax dollars to debate Tester or do the job he was elected to serve in. Rosendale is also too busy campaigning to show up for Land Board meetings. He is too busy campaigning to review and reject rate increases by Montana’s insurance corporations.

Rosendale is too busy to do the job Montanans elected him to do because he is on the phone all day groveling to the Koch Brothers, Steve Bannon, Billionaire SuperPAC owner Richard Uihlein, and his other corporate donors. He can’t even show up for a debate he agreed to because he is beholden to out of state dark money interests.

Montanans demand we are represented full-time in the Auditor’s Office. Montana voters demand Rosendale show up to schedule debates so that we can hear his disastrous policies for our public lands, healthcare, and veterans.

Make a choice Matt. Are you running to be a U.S. Senator or are you serving as Montana’s State Auditor? Because you are not doing either honestly or competently.

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