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#RosendaleResign- It’s time for Rosendale to Resign as State Auditor #mtpol


“Given that Rosendale is even less likely to do the work of the Auditor as he faces off against Jon Tester this summer and fall, it’s time for Mr. Rosendale to resign his office and stop collecting checks from the people of Montana while he works for the Koch Brothers, Richard Uihlein, Steve Bannon, and the whole host of out-of-state corporate interests he has so desperately courted.” via Don Pogreba

This quote from a post earlier today by Don Pogreba makes a good point, why does Matt Rosendale think he can continue to use the office of the State Auditor as a campaign platform for his Steve Bannon backed senate run?

“And it’s totally inappropriate for an elected official to spend staff time and resources to support such a nakedly personal and political agenda.” via Don Pogreba

Don also tweeted last week:

This got me thinking…

After barely scraping through a primary against a candidate in Russ Fagg who was openly using dog-whistle race-bating tactics:

Maryland Matt Rosendale Limps to a Primary Win a Weak and Damaged Candidate for the General

We wonder why the press hasn’t asked the questions like:

Why is Matt Rosendale Campaigning on Your Dime? 

Rosendale’s primary opponent did:

Russ Fagg Hammers Matt Rosendale for Campaigning on the State’s Dime at Sparsely Attended GOP Event.

It’s become apparent that Matt Rosendale is not interested in doing his job as State Auditor, it is merely a platform for his Senate campaign and therefore the people of Montana deserve someone who is willing to do the constitutionally required duties of the State Auditor and it is time for Rosendale to resign to focus on his Senate run.

When Matt Rosendale resigns perhaps it will give him time to file his legally required financial disclosures:

Rosendale Continues His Hot Streak of Not Following the Law, This Time By Not Disclosing His Personal Finances 

Or maybe he can look for a more trustworthy spokesman than the man who sent a press release out to the Montana and national media claiming that reporter Ben Jacobs assaulted Greg Gianforte:

Gianforte Spokesman who Lied About Assault on Reporter is Now Rosendale’s Spokesman 

Maybe he can decide to pull his endorsement of Roy Moore:

Matt Rosendale Still Supports Roy Moore – Moore Sues Women Who Accused Him of Sexual Misconduct 

It will give him time to answer to his connections to this:

It’s Time for Matt Rosendale to Answer for His Connection to A Virulent Anti-Semite 

Maybe he could even reject the racist and secessionist fringe of his own party:

Why Don’t Rosendale and Fagg Have the Courage to Reject the Racist, Secessionist Fringe? 

He can even study his own voting record and perhaps quit misrepresenting it. He voted against Medicaid Expansion and he voted against fighting human trafficking

Matt Rosendale Just Can’t Stop Lying, Even About Human Trafficking 

Maybe he would have time to fundraise and not rely on Illinois billionaires, SuperPacs, Steve Bannon, the Koch Brothers and on:

Matt Rosendale Would Be The Best Senator Out of State Corporate Interests Could Buy 

GOP Mega-Donor Liz Uihlein Faces Allegations of Disability Discrimination

Will Steve Bannon endorsement now hurt Matt Rosendale’s Senate bid?




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