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The Choice is Clear in Montana’s Senate Race

Tester Campaign Challenges Rosendale To First Debate on June 17

The Tester campaign issued the following statement as Rosendale barely emerged from the Republican primary:

“The choice for Montanans this November couldn’t be more clear. Jon Tester is a third generation Montanan who still farms the land homesteaded by his grandparents. He relentlessly defends Montana and holds government accountable. He fights for better schools and roads, for our veterans, our seniors, and our public lands.

“Matt Rosendale is an East Coast developer who looks out for himself. Maryland Matt uses Montana to boost the outside special interests that are funding his Senate campaign. He’s bad for Montana’s public lands, he’s bad for Montana’s veterans, and as insurance commissioner he rubber stamped higher health care costs for Montanans. Montanans can’t trust him to represent us in the US Senate.”

The campaign also announced tonight that Tester will participate in the Montana Broadcasters Association debate in Whitefish on June 17, and encouraged Rosendale to do the same.

Despite a long tradition of political debates in Montana, Rosendale refused to participate in a statewide televised debate when he ran for state auditor in 2016, hiding from voters and an open exchange of ideas.


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