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2018 Primary Takeaways: Corey Stapleton is Utterly Incompetent, Kathleen Williams is a Great Candidate, Tester to Face Tons of Out-of-State Money

Corey Stapleton’s litany of errors marred a very important primary night for Montana. For many, it was obvious that the state website was far behind national outlets in reporting returns as they came in. Reporting election returns is one of the main jobs a Secretary of State is tasked with and even in this simple task, Corey Stapleton failed.

It would not be the first time that Corey Stapleton put out faulty or outdated state election data as we first covered last fall, Corey Stapleton did not update the state voter registration rolls for over two months.

What exactly has Corey Stapleton been doing for the last two months?

Corey Stapleton also left up an erroneous vote total for the victorious candidate in the Public Service Commission, Andy Shirtliff, for over 8 hours. The vote total was wrong by 3,600 votes, see below for screenshot:

Incorrect vote total at 7:17am

Corrected vote total over 8 hours later:

3,600 misreported votes in nearly any other race besides this blowout victory for Andy Shirtliff could have tipped the race.

Take for instance the U.S. House primary. Kathleen Williams won by just over 2,000 votes and misreporting of 3,600 votes could have caused the race to be called incorrectly by the state or national media.

Speaking of the congressional race, congratulations to Kathleen Williams on a great victory. She won a hard-fought primary with smart campaigning and a record of experience in political office that is six times longer than Greg Gianforte’s measly year in office.

To support Kathleen Williams join me in contributing $25 today: DONATE HERE

Speaking of money, Jon Tester will be facing a wave of dark money, out-of-state billionaires, corporate interests and men who make the Copper Kings look like paupers dropping bombs of attack ads on Montana.

Sign up to volunteer for Jon today and fight dark money with your shoe leather and spare time.

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