It’s Time for Matt Rosendale to Answer for His Connection to A Virulent Anti-Semite

Matt Rosendale has some explaining to do.

Back in October, this site detailed his connection with Flathead area extremist Chuck Baldwin, which extended from simple Facebook association to sharing the stage at an anti-government rally in Kalispell back in 2014. Months later, Rosendale still hasn’t taken even the simple step of digitally dissociating himself from Baldwin.

Rosendale has even attended church at Baldwin’s Liberty Fellowship, according to this post from Senator Jennifer Fielder.

And Baldwin, whose record of statements on gays, Jews, Muslims, and liberals is part of a horrifying belief system of white supremacy and armed rebellion released a statement today on the 70th anniversary of the creation of Israel that demonstrates the depths of his anti-Semitic hatred.

From the statement:

The creation of the Zionist State of Israel has brought turmoil, treachery, death and destruction that is almost unequaled in modern history. The Rothschild conspiracy to create its own Zionist state has its tentacles in both world wars and in virtually every significant act of war afterward.

I distinctly remember several of my theology professors in college (two different colleges, in fact) telling us ministerial students that “World War I prepared the land for the Jews, and World War II prepared the Jews for the land.” And this was stated as if two world wars was a GOOD thing.

One cannot even be true to history and ignore the fact that the Bolshevik Revolution that brought Marxist/Leninist/Stalinist communism to power in Russia was almost exclusively the handiwork of Rothschild’s Zionists. For all intents and purposes, communism and Zionism are one. They always have been and always will be.

Christians need to come to grips with this painful truth: It took the deaths of over 115 million people to bring the Zionist State of Israel into existence. (This is “of God”?) And the Zionist state has caused the deaths of millions more since becoming a nation-state, as almost every war that America has fought since 1948 has been on behalf of Rothschild’s Israel, and America’s so-called war on terror is almost exclusively waged on behalf of the Zionist state.

If you’re wondering if he is blaming World War 1 and 2 on the Jews who suffered the horrors of the Holocaust and blaming “Rothschild” “tentacles” for the most destructive parts of world history in the past century, yes, you’re reading that correctly.

At some point, the media in Montana need to come to terms with the fact that many members of the Republican mainstream, including Senate candidates like Rosendale, have enabled, supported, and courted the support of a dangerous fringe movement that wants to impose his anti-government worldview on the rest of the state. When mainstream Republicans give tactic or overt support to the kind of people who write these kinds of horrific remarks, it gives them power. As the Montana Human Rights Network’s Travis McAdam told me back in October, “when candidates and government officials appear to endorse these movements, these radical right groups believe that this is their time to exert influence. Right now.”

The frontrunner for the Republican nomination for the Senate has spoken at a rally with an anti-Semitic leader, attended a worship service conducted by that anti-Semitic preacher, and continued to support that dangerous bigot online.

Shouldn’t Matt Rosendale have to answer to someone about why he supports someone like Baldwin? And shouldn’t the Republican Party answer for its support for candidates like Rosendale and preachers like Baldwin?

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