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Rob Quist Endorses Andy Shirtliff for PSC

In breaking news, Rob Quist has just endorsed Andy Shirtliff for Montana Public Service Commission. This is a powerful endorsement for many reasons. For one, Rob Quist does not endorse very often and is very careful about who gets his support. Rob Quist is a fighter for all Montanans and did well to go 12 rounds with the mega-millionaire Greg Gianforte when running for Congress in 2017, he is a champion for the working class, labor and progressive issues.

Here is the text of Rob Quist’s endorsement as posted to his Facebook page:

My full endorsement of Kalispell native Andy Shirtliff for Montana Public Service Commission. This race normally flies under the radar of most voters, but is so important to future green energy development here in Montana.

My fellow Montanans, I’m proud to stand with my friend Andy Shirtliff and endorse his candidacy for Montana Public Service Commission.

I first met Andy in Whitefish in 2004 when he was working on Brian Schweitzer’s campaign for Governor; he looked me in the eye and shook my hand with a smile. Andy and I have stayed friends ever since and last year when I ran for United States Congress against Greg Gianforte, Andy was one of the first people to reach out to me to offer help, and on several occasions he trained volunteers and knocked doors for me in Helena. Andy is always willing to work hard and to serve, he wants to help others and make our beloved Montana even better.

Andy worked for a great friend of mine, Governor Brian Schweitzer and was also chief counsel to Lieutenant Governor John Bohlinger. In 2013 Andy was appointed to Governor Bullock’s office of economic development to help Montanans plan, start, and grow their businesses. Andy understands the needs of Montana’s innovators and entrepreneurs and knows that burdensome regulations and unfair bills can hold our people back.

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I’ve driven a lot of miles over the years, met a lot of good Montanans, and I may have sung a song or two, and in all my travels I’ve learned that it takes balance to succeed. Like a good band is made up of various instruments and a diversity of talent; our economy needs balance to really rock, not just carry a tune.

Andy understands that. He understands that Montana survived the recession by having a diversity of industries and that we find our economic strength through a diverse energy portfolio, not by putting all our chips on one source alone. Andy supports job-creation through affordable, reliable clean energy. Andy will fight for wind and solar projects in Montana to deliver consumers the best options to keep power bills affordable and bring clean energy and good jobs to Montana’s rural communities.

I’m proud to endorse Andy Shirtliff and stand by his side on the campaign trail. You’ll soon see me at events with Andy and I hope you’ll join me in contributing to Andy’s campaign. With your help and a lot of hard work, we’ll elect Andy Shirtliff to the Montana Public Service Commission.

Thank you, friends
Rob Quist

Click here to make a contribution to Andy’s campaign: DONATE

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