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President Scott Sales and Montana Republicans Want a Sales Tax

We’ve been here before folks. Republicans are actively seeking to implement a statewide sales tax in order to eliminate the income tax in Montana.

In a radio interview with Voices of Montana, Senate President Scott Sales said he wants a statewide sales tax, so Republicans can eliminate the income tax in Montana. Republicans continue to pursue backward policies that make the rich pay less in taxes while the middle class and Montana families pay more.

To eliminate the income tax, and make up for the loss in state revenue, it is estimated Montana would need a 12% sales tax. Wow, a 12% sales tax. Montana’s constitution only allows for a possible 4% sales tax, so where would Republicans make up for loss in state revenue? With huge cuts to state services of course, just like they did in the recent Special Session.

Governor Bullock proposed a constitutional amendment to prohibit a general statewide sales tax. But, Senator Scott Sales and every Republican on the committee voted against this common-sense proposal that an overwhelming majority of Montanans want.

During the last session, 53 Republicans voted to “study” how they can implement a sales tax in Montana. This bill never made it out of the session, but Republicans are relentless in their attempts to back door a sales tax on Montanans.

If it wasn’t for the Governor and Democrats fighting against this regressive and unfair tax on Montanans, Republicans would have already implemented a sales tax and eliminated the income tax for themselves and their wealthy allies.

Montana currently has a progressive income tax, which means the rich pay more (but not much more thanks to the Judy Martz tax cuts) while middle and low-income Montanans pay less. Progressive income taxes are the fairest tax structure in America. We should be fighting to make Montana’s tax structure even better by repealing the Judy Martz tax cuts not by implementing a regressive sales tax.

Do you want better jobs? Better wages? More money in your pocket? Then don’t fall for the Republicans’ sales tax scam. A 12% sales tax is twice as high as Montana’s highest income tax bracket and it will fall heavily on our working Montana families.

Here is a list of all the House Republicans who want to pursue a sales tax:

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