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Matt Rosendale Still Supports Roy Moore – Moore Sues Women Who Accused Him of Sexual Misconduct

In the story that will not go away Matt Rosendale’s fellow Steve Bannon supported Senate candidate Roy Moore has chosen to sue the women who accused him of sexual misconduct.

You’ll remember that Roy Moore admitted that he “dated a lot of young ladies”

That’s something he stated himself on Sean Hannity’s radio show. Needless to say, that is an admission his attorney’s would have probably told him not to make.

Matt Rosendale still stands with Roy Moore though in this neverending story.

Matt Rosendale stated that he would stand with Roy Moore forever and back again:

(Screenshot via Breitbart)

From Rollcall:

“As far as Judge Roy Moore, to me, it looks like the actions that he has taken as his public service, over the last I would guess 20, 30 some odd years has been honorable and I would commend him for that,” Rosendale said.

The radio host then asked Rosendale to clarify that he would support Moore unless he’s proven guilty of committing a crime.

“There you go, that’s exactly how I feel,” Rosendale said.

Here is former Senate candidate Roy Moore on CNN bring forward his lawsuit against the women who accused him of sexual misconduct:

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