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Lola Zinke Wants Gun Reform, Troy Downing too?

Troy Downing, the Californian resident trying to buy Montana’s U.S. Senate seat, must have had his Campaign Chair Lola Zinke recently tweet her support for gun safety reforms.

In a March 10, 2018 tweet, fellow Californian Lola Zinke wrote “agree agree agree” to having “more stringent Federal gun laws designed to make obtaining semiautomatic weapons, in general, more arduous.”

On the same thread, Lola Zinke again said she AGREED that the federal government should close the gun sale loophole that allows “a person not in the business of selling firearms” to sell guns to people without doing a background check.

These statements by Lola Zinke are, of course, common sense and are the gun safety reforms the majority of Americans and Montanans want to see. Troy Downing is not typically a man with common sense and he rarely shares the views of the majority of Montanans. But maybe he and his Campaign Chair are finally waking up to what the people of Montana want in regards to gun reforms.

Troy Downing runs a tight ship and would never allow his Campaign Chair to agree with such progressive gun reform ideas if he also didn’t support them. Troy Downing’s support for making it harder to obtain an automatic weapon and closing the gun loophole will set him apart from the ever-tightening Republican Senate primary.

Usually, Troy Downing plays the role of an elitist millionaire from California who thinks he can self-finance his Montana Senate Campaign and pull a fast one on us dumb rednecks. It’s a bold move for Troy Downing and his team to support common-sense gun reforms, let’s see if it pays off.

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Nathan Kosted

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