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Three Congressman walk into a Montana bar

One Congressman is a wealthy electrical engineer and computer scientist with a really bad temper who may punch somebody if he can’t connect to the WiFi to check his Russian stock portfolio. Another is a wealthy chemical engineer, who profited from the first engineer’s cloud-based software company and just wants to hide in a corner. And, the last is a farmer looking for a cold brew.

Which of these Congressional members believes this rural Montana bar should have access to a free and open internet? I’ll give you a hint, it’s not the engineers whose fortunes were made because their company benefited from the principles of “net neutrality.” It’s the farmer, Senator Jon Tester.

Supporting Net Neutrality, simply means you support a guaranteeing continuity for the same system consumers and businesses have been operating under since the internet was invented. Everyone pays a fair price, no content is blocked by the provider, and services are not throttled up or down based upon how much you pay. This would change if Net Neutrality is repealed today.

This is how Senator Daines and Congressman Gianforte created their software company RightNow Technologies. This is how they made a successful business in Montana and became wealthy. This is why businesses are growing in Montana and others are moving here to start their companies. But, now this Bozeman Duo no longer support a system that helps entrepreneurs like them succeed and get to the top. They want to kick the economic ladder out from everyone else for their own selfish gain.

The repeal of Net Neutrality goes into effect tomorrow and internet providers are just waiting for the right time, when you least expect it, to start charging you more for certain content and blocking sites they don’t agree with. If we do not tell our representatives to reinstate Net Neutrality, the internet as we know it will be gone. Worst of all, there is less incentive for internet providers to connect rural Montanans to the internet or to keep prices low for urban Montanans.

Read this story from Colorado Public Radio to hear what will happen to rural communities when Net Neutrality dies:

What Will The Death Of Net Neutrality Mean For Rural Communities?

The repeal of Net Neutrality could be as cataclysmic as the deregulation of the Montana Power Companywas , with internet prices skyrocketing for Montanans and businesses shuttering their doors.

Call Daines and Gianforte today and tell them to reinstate Net Neutrality!

Only one more vote is needed to save it and it must be saved today. We are at the deadline!

Jon Tester is fighting to keep the internet neutral, fair, and at a low cost. He is fighting for ALL Montanans to have access to the internet whether you are a kid in Great Falls who needs to go online to finish your homework, or a farmer that needs the internet to check crop prices and plan for next year’s yield, Senator Tester believes everyone should have equal access. He is fully supporting the reinstatement of Net Neutrality, so then what is the deal with tech company Senator Daines and Congressman Gianforte? They support the repeal.

Just like with the Republican Tax Cut bill, which gives 82% of the benefits to the richest 1%, Daines and Gianforte are trying to grift all they can while Trump is president. For them, it is all about the accumulation of wealth and power. They have never cared about the needs of Montanans, urban or rural. They have used Montana’s resources and labor to build their wealth, and now they are trying to use their positions as elected leaders to increase their bank accounts and internet stocks at the expense of Montanans’ access to a free and open internet. Daines and Gianfrte have abandoned Montana and the good people who work hard every day to call this place home.

Even though this post started off as a joke, this is not a joke. If there was ever a time for Daines and Gianforte to put their corporate agenda aside and buck their party bosses, now is the time. If these two men have any shred of empathy left, now is the time to ask them to do the right thing and support Montana entrepreneurs. Call Daines and Gianforte TODAY! Tell them to reinstate Net Neutrality and keep Montana’s economy fair, just like when they built their company.

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