Ad Translation: Outside Group has Nothing to Attack Jon Tester on, Makes S*** Up

The Koch brothers slush fund organization Americans For Prosperity told Montanans they’ve got nothing new to say about Jon Tester with their latest attack ad filled with false and manufactured attacks.

If you’re a glutton for attack ads assembled like Legos shaped into a larger non-descript brick of Legos you can watch it here. It ignores reality and provides less rational thought than a wedding party spilling out of the Sip n’ Dip at closing time on a Saturday night.

The topic worthy of more than $500,000… Obamacare, Obamacare, the Affordable Care Act, and Obamacare. It’s pretty much the same lines of attack out-of-state groups like Americans for Prosperity used ad-nauseam in 2012 against Tester. They didn’t work then and they won’t work now, because they’re not based in reality.

Senator Tester has routinely maintained the Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect and he’s willing to work with anyone on fixes. To that end he’s introduced seven separate bills to do everything from stabilizing rates, ensure Medicaid expansion funding, and promote health for women and in rural communities.

The ad ignores this of course. Instead Americans for Prosperity does a Sean Spicer announcing crowd size impersonation by claiming the opposite.

From the ad simply makes up s*** up by accusing Tester of putting partisan politics ahead of health care… very very wrong.

In addition to seeking several fixes to the Affordable Care Act, while preserving access to health care for millions of Americans, Tester endorsed the bipartisan Alexander-Murray bill.

Senator Lamar Alexander is a Republican from Tennessee who crafted a bill to stabilize the health insurance marketplace with Senator Patty Murray a Democrat from Washington. By definition this is a bipartisan proposal… supported by Jon Tester… who is being accused of putting partisanship over health care…

That’s the type of logic you would expect from a group who said “millions” of Montanans opposed Medicaid expansion. But, it’s wrong.

Perhaps the best part of the ad is what’s not in it. The ad doesn’t call for the “repeal and replace” of Obamacare. The rallying cry of Republicans for nearly a decade is eerily absent.

Why? Because repealing the Affordable Care Act, kicking thousands of Montanans off their health care, and causing both prices and the availability of health care to spiral, is unacceptably unpopular. This is an attack ad from the Koch brothers calling on the Affordable Care Act to be fixed, not repealed. Doesn’t that mean Democrats were right all along?

I’d ask Matt Rosendale, our state insurance commissioner, what he thinks about all this. But he’s openly stated his job doesn’t matter.

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