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Shame on Heidi Heitkamp for supporting Mike Pompeo – He is not qualified to be Secretary of State

It is being reported that North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp will be voting for President Trump’s choice for Secretary of State, noted bigot Mike Pompeo. It is disgusting to see a Democrat bow down to the Trump administration all in the name of reelection. I am not sure why Heidi Heitkamp thinks she was elected in the first place, but voting to allow someone as unqualified as Mike Pompeo is callous, disgusting and reprehensible.

Republican Senator Rand Paul is already standing against Pompeo, that means if the Democratic caucus holds together then all that would be needed is one more Republican to ensure that Pompeo is not confirmed.

The reason this is so crucial is due to the fact that Mike Pompeo is not qualified for the job.

Mike Pompeo is a bigot. He has ideas that are inspired by hate. He doesn’t believe gay Americans should be allowed to marry and is proud to say so.

Here is Senator Cory Booker questioning Pompeo on his hateful positions about the LGBTQ community:

From Vox:

During his six years in Congress, Pompeo made a number of controversial and in some cases offensive statements. He falsely asserted that the Obama administration intentionally covered up the truth about the Benghazi investigation. He seemingly endorsed the notion that homosexuality is a “perversion.”

A piece in The Forward notes that:

Mike Pompeo is an Anti-Muslim Bigot Shouldn’t Jewish Leaders Condemn Him Too?

If you’re not familiar with The Forward here is some background on it:

The Forward, formerly known as The Jewish Daily Forward,[2] is an American magazine published monthly in New York City for a Jewish-American audience. Founded in 1897 as a Yiddish-language daily, today The Forward is a digital-first publication with online reporting alongside monthly magazines in both Englishand Yiddish. The Forward’s perspective on world and national news and its reporting on the Jewish perspective on modern America have made it one of the most influential American Jewish publications. The Forward is published by an independent not-for-profit association. via Wikipedia

The United States Secretary of State is one of the most powerful people in the world. They are even more powerful as they are not usually watched as closely by the media as members of Congress or other members of the executive branch. This makes it even more dangerous that Mike Pompeo would be considered for this position, let alone supported by a “democrat” in Heidi Heitkamp

Heidi Heitkamp’s true colors are showing more and more each day as her chameleon coat switches from blue to red.

The Forward report calls out some hypocrisy:

And whereas many self-appointed leaders of the Jewish community raised holy hell when a couple of congressmen and one of the leaders of the Women’s March refused to denounce the anti-Semitism of the Rev. Louis Farrakhan, we’ve heard precious little from those same critics about Pompeo’s well-documented anti-Muslim bigotry and his close ties with Islamophobic extremists.

The Forward ends their piece thusly:

Writing about the double standard too often applied to Farrakhan in the black community, the columnist Leonard Pitts had this to say: “Let’s not fall into the trap of condemning bigotry when it comes toward people who look like us, but tolerating it when it comes from people who look like us. We are required to be better than that.”

Yes we are.

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