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Heenan Wins 3rd Online Poll – Campaigns Hit Overdrive

A trend is emerging in the online polls that have been conducted by Montana blogs and newsletters.

John Heenan keeps winning them.

Links to Polls

The Montana Post:

Hashtag #MTPOL – no link, it was a newsletter, screenshot attached.

The Western Word:

These polls have been conducted by Don Pogreba of The Montana Post, Jackie Brown of The Western Word and the folks over at The Montana Mint in their newsletter.

The trend in these polls shows a clear enthusiasm in the race to beat Greg Gianforte as over 1,000 people participated in The Montana Post online poll, numbers of participants were not available from The Western Word or The Montana Mint.

I am sure the campaigns have some internal polls too that we may start hearing rumors about. I wonder if they will match up with these three online polls? That question is something we can ponder for another six weeks as this race hits the home stretch and we await the results of the final poll to be conducted on election day. That poll is the one that gets you all the glory, but until then these polls definitely show enthusiasm for the race.

The campaigns of Heenan, Kier, Williams, Pettinato and Moss have raised over a million dollars so far and you folks out there in Montana will start to see TV ads, hear radio, receive mailers and online ads to your phone and desktop. While these will help what will probably make the difference is boots on the ground and door knocking, phone banking and events.

I have covered volunteer opportunities for all the campaigns that have had them recently and I encourage you all to pick a candidate and start knocking doors for them, making calls. If you care about beating Greg Gianforte then get out and do something about it.

This primary will deliver us the best candidate to beat Greg Gianforte and we need you engaged in that process.

Some campaigns have volunteer links on their websites, some don’t. You can Google or Facebook search the candidate of your choice to get engaged in your community.


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Nathan Kosted

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