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Wishing Tim Fox a Speedy Recovery

I very sincerely hope that Tim Fox recovers quickly.

If you haven’t heard Montana Attorney General Tim Fox had 7 inches of his colon removed. That means he had cancerous cells in his colon.

He is scheduled to start chemotherapy and that is always an excruciating path. My thoughts are with him and his family.

I truly empathize with the road ahead for Attorney General Fox as I took care of my own father after his colorectal cancer. It was a very tough road, but 4 years later my father is a little less fleet of foot, but still chugging along.

I hope you have many, many healthy and happy days ahead Mr. Fox.

From the Montana Standard:

Montana Attorney General Tim Fox is recovering from colon cancer surgery and expects to begin chemotherapy next month.

Fox, 60, said he had 7 inches of his colon removed at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota in late March and has an 80 percent chance of being cured because of early detection and great health care services.

I’m glad caught it early and with good healthcare, he’s definitely going to put his best foot forward.


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