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Bev’s Story by Emma Kerr-Carpenter (Guest Post)

Emma Kerr-Carpenter is running for an open state house seat in district 49 in Billings. You can follow Emma’s campaign for legislature here: Emma for Montana

Emma is a young progressive woman in Billings who is dedicated to a career in public service. She has worked the past four years in the field of children’s mental health care, most recently at Youth Dynamics, providing direct care to Montana’s most vulnerable children and families. In her spare time, she serves on the Board of Northern Plains Resource Council, one of Montana’s most powerful genuinely grassroots community organizations. She is a member of Billings First Congregational Church and a member of the Church Council.

Written by Emma Kerr-Carpenter

I shared this story at my campaign kickoff last week, but I want to share it here for you all, too.

I’ve been knocking doors and introducing myself to my neighbors almost every day since this campaign started. Several weeks ago, I knocked on the door of an older woman named Bev. Bev asked me, “Do you have 20 minutes? Come on in!” An hour and a half later, I was on #TeamBev. Here’s her story.

Bev raised a son who had developmental disabilities. Providing him with the care he needed cost Bev most of her savings, and forced her to leave her job. Because of that experience, she spent much of her life advocating for her son, and for children like him, to receive the care and services they need.

Now, she’s in her late 80s, and housebound. Bev depends on Meals on Wheels for food, and takes public transit to her doctor’s appointments. Her neighbors help her keep her walk shoveled.

Bev, who’s worked for decades to make sure Montana’s most vulnerable have the care they need– Bev now needs us. She depends on her neighbors for food, medical care, and transportation.

I want to raise my kids here, and I want the Montana they grow up in to reflect the values that make this place home. We help our neighbors here. If we have a little more, we share it. And if we’re in times of trouble, neighbors are quick to do the same for us.

I believe that ensuring a dignified and stable standard of living and care for folks like Bev is what we do for our neighbors. I believe we can forge a future for all Montana families and children, but we need legislators with the courage to do it.

#TeamBev forever.


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