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Updated with Poll: Would You Support Recalling Corey Stapleton?

It is clear that Corey Stapleton will be violating his sworn oath of office and he will attempt to prevent free and fair elections in the state of Montana as he is Constitutionally tasked to do. He intends on using his elected office to try and sway the outcome of the 2018 election. Therefore it is past time that we ask the tough questions and prepare to do the tough work if Montanans support the effort to recall Montana Secretary of State Corey Stapleton.

Would You Support Recalling Corey Stapleton?

Here is a collection of his incompetence, misconduct and his actions that violate his oath of office:

Does Corey Stapleton Have the Foggiest Idea What the Secretary of State Does?

What Exactly has Corey Stapleton Been Doing for the last Two Months?

Secretary of State Corey Stapleton Urges Montanans to Invalidate Their Votes

Secretary of State Stapleton Uses State Resources to Lie Again

From Car Washes to Junkets to New Zealand, Corey Stapleton’s Freely Spending Your Tax Money

Secretary of State Stapleton Using the State Seal for Political Purposes?

Corey Stapleton Comes Up Short on Voter Fraud, Ignores Real Voter Suppression


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