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All Milk Kills Claims Libertarian Turned Republican Candidate

Attempting to find ways to make poisonous and deadly raw milk a more approachable consumer item the defender of all things raw milk, local Libertarian turned Republican candidate Andrew Forcier goes with a new marketing campaign.  His position sounds like: All milk kills so you might as well drink raw milk.

This post is a follow-up on today’s earlier post about David Howard’s horrifying bigotry and quoting of the Austin bomber in support of his anti-LGBTQ views and Andrew Forcier’s unethical party-switching for political expediency.

I have to admit it is a catchy slogan for a brand, it’s like saying your brand of arsenic is safest for sandwich making. This is the mind of the Republican/Libertarian when they start striving for power.

Screenshot from his comments on Facebook.

Andrew Forcier also claims to be just like Bernie Sanders. That’s rich considering the fact that he thinks it is every American’s right to die without access to healthcare. Not very much like Bernie Sanders.

This sums it up well:

As with the anti-vaccination movement, the raw milkers are a tiny but fervent bunch who distrust the government almost as much as they distrust basic science. Indeed according to according to the Center for Disease Control, even though raw milk only accounts for about 1% of milk consumed within the US, it accounts for 79% of all milk-born infections reported between 1998 and 2011. Two people just died in NY after consuming raw milk cheese.

Yet thanks to the raw milk fantasists, infections are on the rise again. I don’t frankly care if raw milk advocates drink up at their own peril – and guess what folks, this is already allowed by current law.  If these bovine infection types want to drone on about the fundamental right to a year-long bout with brainerds diarrhea, have at it.

But  what Nancy Ballance  is doing with House Bill 325 legalizing profiteering from selling the contaminated milk to others. The sad thing is that crackpots will be able to make money off unsuspecting people who will will feed their children milk supplemented with cow feces.

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Nathan Kosted

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