Ad Translation: Billionaire Roy Moore supporter wants Rosendale to be a Montanan

Today we’re translating the latest bullshit attack ad against Jon Tester and telling you how the ad is the work of an Illinois billionaire who desperately wants Matt Rosendale to be a Montanan.

For starters, Jon Tester represents Montana values. Any ad pitching otherwise is the product of Washington D.C. binge drinking by folks with too much money and too little to say. Today, those people are east coast developer Matt Rosendale’s besties at “Restoration PAC.”

Restoration PAC is a super PAC nearly unilaterally funded by an Illinois businessman, Dick Uihlein. He owns Uline packaging. If you’ve ever shipped a poster or art print in a cardboard tube, take a look at the branding and you’ll see that name.

The Bond-villain archetype regularly spends tens of millions each election cycle with a habit of picking particular candidates and funding their campaigns with boatloads of unregulated spending. This year the billionaire appears to have taken a shine to Rosendale by spending $500,000 on an ad calling the multimillionaire east coast developer a Montanan.

What’s worse than yet another rich dude trying to buy Montana’s elections?

The last candidate Uihlein went all in for, like he’s doing for Rosendale, was accused child molester and Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

In November the Chicago Tribune called Rosendale’s benefactor the “top donor to pro-(Roy) Moore fund in Alabama Senate race.” Uihlein’s support in Alabama was so startling the billionaire spent money on behalf of Moore after credible allegations of child molestation surfaced.

This reality makes it little surprise Uihlein has taken a shine to Rosendale.

The Maryland native, who desperately wants you believe he’s a Montanan through-and-through, also endorsed accused child molester Roy Moore and refused to recant his endorsement as accounts and victims continued to surface.

According to Breitbart, Rosendale “supports Roy Moore ‘until he’s found guilty of a crime.'”

Rosendale’s support of Moore was so steadfast his campaign declined to comment to the Helena IR after Moore lost.

Suffice it to say… both Rosendale and his benefactor value victory at all costs. Their unflinching support of Roy Moore show they put political expediency ahead of decency and the values they tout on the campaign trail.

Which makes the latest Restoration PAC’s ad all the less believable. A donor who went all in on Roy Moore after victims of child molestation came forward is now telling Montanans who has Montana values? Hard pass.

Montanans won’t be fooled by a billionaire trying to tell them who to support.

Montana’s Jon Tester doesn’t believe Uihlein should be able to buy elections and is a strong supporter of overturning Citizens United. Just as Tester relies on the rain to support the crops at his Big Sandy dirt farm, he relies on small dollar donations to support his campaign to defend Montana from billionaires.

Think Uihlein’s attempt to buy a senate seat for Matt Rosendale is wrong? Then support Jon Tester with a donation.

If you appreciate an independent voice holding Montana politicians accountable and informing voters, and you can throw a few dollars a month our way, we would certainly appreciate it.

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