Progressive Pioneer Jennifer Merecki Running for Montana State Senate

Billings resident and 2016 delegate to the Democratic National Convention Jennifer Merecki is running for Montana State Senate in District 22 in Billings.

Merecki is very active in organizing in Billings and has been active all over Montana for years. She worked in 2016 to help elect Livingston State House Representative Laurie Bishop to the legislature in an impressive victory and is dedicated to progressive principles of affordable universal healthcare, cleaning up and getting rid of dark money in politics and strengthening our public education system.

In her campaign press release, it is noted that:

Jennifer grew up in the Yellowstone Valley Region and as a descendant from true western pioneers, Jennifer has always had the “Pioneer Spirit”.

“I am small business owner and seasoned high-level manager, and I know about fiscal responsibility and at the same time, not sacrificing my moral compass.”

Jennifer acknowledges and believes that political office is serving the people, not the other way around. “I am running  to become a vessel for my constituents and to be a genuine public servant.” Merecki says.

It is good to see candidates stepping up to challenge the status quo and demand that people be represented and not corporations, Montana needs a lot more Jennifer Merecki’s in every corner of our state, organizing, communicating the progressive message and running for office.

Jennifer Merecki:

“I truly believe that Montana can exist with inclusion. Rancher and environmentalist, old and young, private and public. It’s about empathy, give and take, and understanding. Montana needs cooperation, not chaos. That is my specialty and what I bring to the table.”

Jennifer Merecki is hosting her campaign kickoff party meet and greet Friday, March 23rd from 6-8pm at Rudeboys Bistro, 2401 2nd Ave N.

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