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Ryan Zinke: Man of the People — — (Top 5 Moments of the Week)


In a world of uncertainty, it is good to see that we can rely on Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke. We know he will always be there, he will be fighting for us and advocating for our needs.


The Uranian Mining Industry

The Uranium mining industry loves Ryan Zinke. He shrinks anything for them. He’ll shrink a local city park, he’ll shrink the supply of fresh groundwater in the west, he’ll even shrink sacred Native American sites that are currently protected like Bears Ears National Monument. He truly is a man of the uranium people. He will do anything for his uranium bros.

You might remember Ryan Zinke as the ne’er-do-well former congressman-athletesfootsufferer-seal-creepy Whitefish business deals guy.

He’s lost touch with Montanans so I figured I should give you an update on his latest horrifying antics wasting taxpayer dollars and being a general creep.

We’ll start with the creepy:

That’s right. Ryan Zinke was able to make a really creepy comment about one of the darkest hours of American history. I guess American history must be a joke to him as a member of the Trump administration he is also part of one of America’s darkest hours.

Here is an article on the very inappropriate behavior of Ryan Zinke at the congressional hearing:


Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke greets Japanese-American congresswoman with ‘Konnichiwa’:

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is receiving heat from some lawmakers for greeting a Japanese American congresswoman with the phrase “Konnichiwa” after being asked a question Thursday about continuing funds for the Japanese American Confinement Sites program.

The program preserves confinement sites where Japanese Americans were detained during World War II.

“Will we see it funded again in 2018?,” asked Rep. Colleen Hanabusa, D-Hawaii, whose grandfathers during World War II were among the estimated 120,000 Japanese Americans sent to U.S. confinement camps.

“Oh, Konnichiwa,” Zinke replied.

This was after it had come to light with some excellent investigative work that:


Ryan Zinke’s trip to Pennsylvania may have violated the Hatch Act:

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s visit to a small town south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, less than three weeks before a special election, is drawing scrutiny to determine whether the official trip was really an opportunity to throw his support behind the Republican hoping to fill the open congressional seat.

How many times will Ryan Zinke violate the Hatch Act? The vegas odds are at +/- 11 times a year.

Next up, Ryan Zinke plays the wishy-washy, flippy-floppy with his stance on animal poaching in Africa and the destruction of majestic species. I have a feeling that Troy Downing gave him a good, long talking to about the value of poaching.


President Trump, Ryan Zinke’s wildlife protection board stuffed with trophy hunters:

A new U.S. advisory board created to help rewrite federal rules for importing the heads and hides of African elephants, lions and rhinos is stacked with trophy hunters.

Zinke then really kicked it into high gear, deciding to blame disabled veterans and senior citizens for the deficit in National Park funding.


“Commander” Zinke Cannot Help Himself from Screwing Over Veterans:

On Tuesday, now as President Donald Trump’s Interior Secretary, Zinke told a Congressional committee that “veteran and disabled” visitors to national parks cause a huge deficit in funding for the parks. Zinke said he wants to increase the fees on VETERANS, KIDS, THE ELDERLY, AND DISABLED to access our NATIONAL PARKS. Just keep in mind that President Theodore Roosevelt, a veteran, created most of these parks and Zinke loves to compare himself to Roosevelt. Also important to remember is that Zinke received compensation as a so-called DISABLED VETERAN for his military … time.

And let us never forget that Ryan Zinke really loves wasting your taxpayer dollars, like he loves it more than he loves telling Donald Trump how smart he is.


What? Ryan Zinke Spent $139,000 of Your Tax Dollars on Doors?

This follows news from last year that Secretary Zinke used more than $50,000 in taxpayer funds for unnecessary helicopter rides, including one to go horseback riding with Vice President Mike Pence. Along the way Zinke’s office attempted to pawn a helicopter bill off on a wildfire preparedness fund. And, yes. This followed a debilitating fire season in Montana.

It almost feels like a diversion. Zinke has already been caught as a cabinet secretary spending taxpayer funds frivolously, how could he and his team possibly be foolish enough to drop $139,000 on doors to his office?

Enough said. How foolish indeed.

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