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Getting Work Done, Working Across the Aisle: Senator Jon Tester Represents Montana Well (BONUS VIDEO)

Ho hum, getting work done the hard way, putting in long hours, working together, compromising when necessary, just another day in the life of a farmer, or a real United States Senator. Montana still has one of those, Montana’s senior Senator, Jon Tester.

I wrote last week that Steve Daines has one last chance to show Montanans he is not just a partisan hack that refuses to break ranks with Mitch McConnell. He has one last chance to show Montanans that he will stand up for them instead of his Washington D.C bosses and special interest donors. He could sway the vote on Net Neutrality or he could actually be a voice for more mental health care funding, instead of being a partisan hack and voting against community health centers.

I wrote this last week about Montana senators:

All Montanans genuinely hope that Senator Daines listens to the will of the majority and acts on the best interests of Montanans. We hope that he doesn’t vote the party line, as no Montana Senator has ever done in my memory. I cannot name one Montana senator who put party over the people of Montana.

Montanans come first, this should be the guiding principle for any Montana elected official, Steve Bullock does this all the time, so does Jon Tester. He makes the hard choices to get things done.

Tester works with Trump and Republicans to get things done for Montana. In fact, Senator Tester has passed 13 bills in the last year that were signed into law by President Trump and they are some great laws for Montanans.

His campaign manager had this to say:

“Jon has a proven record of defending our Montana values and working with both parties to get things done for the people of Montana,” said Christie Roberts, Campaign Manager for Montanans for Tester. “He’s gotten more bills signed into law by President Trump than he has fingers, and he will never stop fighting for Montana in the Senate.”

In a year that it can be hard to find positives in, one senator has stayed outside the fray and put in the long hours working across the aisle making legislation.

It’s not glamorous work and the legislation isn’t poetry, but it gets vital work done. From a man who may not know the meaning of the word glamour, this legislation has steadily moved along over the last year. Senator Jon Tester is a man, maybe a man and half, both in size and political abilities. He harkens back to Mike Mansfield and the days of more diplomatic policymaking. Senator Tester gets along with good folks in the Senate, whether that is Chuck Grassley, a Republican or Heidi Heitkamp a prairie populist like himself.

Now, I know many of you are skeptical of this banking bill. Well, here’s a good read on it:

Wall Street Denied in Latest Rewrite of Senate Banking Bill:

Late Wednesday, Senate Banking Chairman Mike Crapo, an Idaho Republican, proposed some last-minute changes to his overhaul of the Dodd-Frank Act. He specified that foreign banks such as Deutsche Bank AG and Barclays Plc won’t benefit from a reprieve in his legislation that’s intended to help regional U.S. lenders.

Crapo’s revisions — filed in an amendment — also make clear that only custody banks, including State Street Corp. and Bank of New York Mellon Corp., will win relief from a key post-crisis capital requirement.

Most importantly!

And Crapo declined to make changes to the Volcker Rule that firms such as Goldman Sachs Group Inc. had been pressing for.

It remains to be seen whether Crapo’s efforts will win the backing of House Republicans, who must also approve the bill for it to reach President Donald Trump’s desk. Last year, the House passed much more sweeping legislation that would rip up much of Dodd-Frank. If some House GOP members demand a more aggressive rollback, Senate Democrats could walk away, causing the legislation to fail.

My view on the bill is simple, let’s hold the line on the Senate floor, let’s improve it. Idaho Republican Senator Mike Crapo is already doing that. Let’s keep the good parts that are in their for Montana community banks.

Let’s keep fighting for more and make sure the House doesn’t water it down. That will not be allowed. Greg Gianforte must stand up for Montanans and not his party. He must fight for Montanans in the house to make sure this bill isn’t watered down by Wall Street lobbyists.

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