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13 Bills Written By Senator Tester Passed Into Law Under President Trump

Written by Don Pogreba

Today, one of the President’s dim-witted sons fired off a tweet criticizing Senator Tester for not working with his father:

It would appear that an inability to tell the truth is a genetic condition in the Trump family as Senator Tester has, despite the limitations of the current President, managed to get 13 bills passed into law in the past year, ranging from improving access to health care for veterans to providing equipment for first responders:

Trump, Jr. is merely stating one of the attacks lines that will come from whichever poacher or Maryland real estate developer emerges out of the Republican primary, but given that Senator Tester has been far more effective than either Republican member of our delegation, it’s an attack that’s likely to fall flat, especially if the press reminds Montana voters that Senator Tester continues to put pragmatic results ahead of partisan politics.


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