Is Greg Strandberg the Kind of Candidate That Represents the Green Party?

I am at a loss. I don’t want to write this. In a year where real debates need to occur, about real issues, healthcare, stagnating wages, affordable housing, getting dark money out of politics, fixing the corrupt culture in the White House and the list goes on.

Instead, we get perpetual narcissistic candidate and fervent nihilist Greg Strandberg running as a green party candidate for the state legislature in Missoula in SD49.

Is Greg Strandberg the kind of candidate that represents the Green Party?

I really have no idea what he represents other than his own cynical, narcissistic, sad worldview.

That’s the worst part, Strandberg is so hard to communicate with because he could literally ruin a sunny day in Missoula. He has no ability to understand that the world is not only made a better place through policy, but also through positive human interaction. Whether that be online or actually in person. That’s the nihilism, he thinks everyone is crooked and corrupt and only he knows what is right.

Strandberg ran for Missoula City Council last fall on a unique platform.

His platform was, and I quote, John Engen is “fat, drunk and stupid.”

That is the narcissism I mentioned, Greg will say any terrible thing about anyone to get his name in the paper.

From his website:

“In 2014 I ran for the legislature, House District 98. I lost in the primary, but in 2016 I ran again, this time for HD 99. I lost the primary again. Now it’s 2017 and I’m running for the Missoula City Council.”

Strandberg also likes to spread anti-semitic conspiracy theories about the Bilderberg group , the Rothschilds, and the Illuminati.

I know that Greg won’t win, that’s easy to see because he doesn’t represent anything about the kind, warm, funny and great people of Missoula, but he will get some people to say his name more. This is the last time I ever will.

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