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Jeremy Trebas Abandons the People of Great Falls, Works for Special Interests Instead

Jeremy Trebas kicked off his Legislative Session by voting to waste money over the best interests of Montanans.

Trebas voted with Rep. Jeff Essmann, the GOP Party Chair, to kill House Bill 83 that would have allowed counties to conduct an All Mail Ballot election for our new Congressman. This would have saved Montana counties over a million dollars and given everyone equal access to the polls because counties were forced to consolidate polling locations due to the unexpected costs of the special election.

Trebas then attacked working people, Firefighters, and Unions.

Montana is one of only a few states that does not allow presumptive illness for firefighters. Senate Bill 72 would have allowed firefighters to be compensated and insured if they developed cancer as a result of their occupation. Firefighters sign up knowing they will be at risk for cancer, and they knowingly make this decision to serve our communities and save lives. They are heroes, and Jeremy Trebas is a coward who voted against their long-term health care and the financial interest of their families.

Jeremy then tried to explain his vote to Great Falls firefighters and they exposed him for the spineless coward he really is.

From MT People’s Voice: Watch Jeremy Trebas Defend His Horrible Vote to Great Falls FireFighters

Trebas doesn’t have to worry about his health care because he has that nice government health care for his family. He is more than willing to vote against working family’s right to be secure in their healthcare needs.

From Don Pogreba at The Montana PostRepresentative Jeremy Trebas Knows As Little About Unions As He Cares About Firefighters

Trebas then voted against House Bill 593 that would have required audits for mines to ensure compliance with state laws, establish a fee and require additional bonding.

Trebas supported this special interest attack against Montanans right to clean water.

This bill and other clean water bills Trebas voted against, would have ensured that new mines in Montana, like the proposed Smith River Mine, would be fully vetted before operations start. Perhaps Trebas is not aware of Montana’s horrific mining history and the costs of the environmental damage it has laid waste to our lands. How does this help the people of Great Falls?

Why did Trebas vote to kill the bipartisan Infrastructure plan SB 367?

For the third session in a row Trebas and Montana Republicans killed a statewide infrastructure plan that would have gone towards rebuilding our roads, bridges, and schools, and made good paying jobs available to hard-working Montanans.

Trebas has no idea what the working people of Great Falls need and he keeps voting to hurt Great Falls.


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