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Gianforte Waffles, Won’t Oppose Plan that Raises Price of Beer and Trucks

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Leadership means taking a stand on an issue that is clear and concise. Standing up and being heard above the crowd. Having the courage of your convictions.

Do any of these qualities apply to Greg Gianforte?

I think we all know the answer. Greg Gianforte likes to talk out of both sides of his mouth when it suits him on issues that are controversial. He actually was famous for not answering questions at all when he ran for governor in 2016 or even outright lying about where he stood on an issue.

This time the issue is crucial to Montanans and two of the most important items in the state. Beer and trucks. That’s right, Greg Gianforte does not have the courage to say he wants to ensure as a congressman that Montana has access to beer and trucks at the lowest price the market will bear.

In a statement he released he said absolutely nothing other than he was waiting to see how he could take advantage of this issue in the future. He actually stands on both sides of the issue currently and both sides means nowhere. Here is his statement:

“When there are unfair trade practices, we should level the playing field just like we have with Canadian lumber but no one wins with trade wars. Foreign markets are critically important to Montana’s ag producers and we need to keep them open.”

The issue involves tariffs that the Trump Administration wants to place on certain metals. While this is a great political issue for Donald Trump in 2020 in certain states, it is terrible for Montanans as the price of a Truck is estimated to rise at least $1,000, as trucks are made from tons of steel. 

Beer could go up another dollar per case too as Aluminum is also going to be taxed under the proposed tariff.

That doesn’t sound like a lot but for a state that has a burgeoning brewing industry it does matter. This is a direct cost to the small businesses that are then passed on to Montanans.

Montanans cannot afford Waffling Greg Gianforte on this important issue. Montanans need trucks for work, to get their kids to school and when Montanans get home from work they want a beer that is affordable.

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