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An Open Letter to Steve Daines from the People of Montana

I know Montana’s junior Senator Steve Daines reads the letters to editors you write, he knows you stand outside his office asking him to listen and he knows that blogs are written about him. You can tell because he always does the exact opposite of what we ask in our letters, marches, and posts. He must think that Montanans are so divided that just standing against those of us who want a more sane government is a fair response. That’s just not true though.

All Montanans genuinely hope that Senator Daines listens to the will of the majority and acts on the best interests of Montanans. We hope that he doesn’t vote the party line, as no Montana Senator has ever done in my memory. I cannot name one Montana senator who put party over the people of Montana.

Senator Steve Daines has refused to stand up for the people of Montana when called upon by wide majorities to deliver for people from Havre to Red Lodge, from Livingston to Roundup.

Senator Daines, we are asking you one more time, we are giving you one more chance to show your true colors as Montana’s senator, not Mitch McConnell’s free vote on whatever dangerous, destructive nonsense he is pulling on that particular day.

I want you to be a great Senator, Mr. Daines, right now you are halfway done with your first term, it could be the first of many if you start to listen to Montanans.

It will be the first and only term if you keep taking marching orders from Mitch McConnell.

Montanans will make sure of that.

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Nathan Kosted

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