Republicans Primarying Gianforte? Libertarian Joins Race

A Call for Decency: Republicans Must Do Better Than Gianforte

The Filing deadline for Montana elected offices closes on March 12th and there has been talk that Greg Gianforte would be primaried. It was reported at one point that perpetual candidate Drew Turiano would join the race. Though this was not backed up by my research on the Montana Secretary of State’s website. Perhaps Corey Stapleton has just forgotten to update the website for two months. This would only be the second or third time he has forgotten to update the website that he is tasked with operating for Montana citizens and businesses.

So, since I have no other sources I must rely on Corey Stapleton’s website, I will have to believe that he hasn’t lost Mr. Turiano’s filing behind the new couch he bought for the Secretary of State’s office

That means the Montana Republican Party has decided to stand behind Greg Gianforte as their congressional candidate.

Greg Gianforte is the same man that is convicted of violenting assaulting a journalist and lying about that assault on numerous occasions.

If this is what Montana Republicans have become then perhaps it is time for Montanans who believe in honesty, morality, values, and the sanctity of the free press to find a new congressman. I can understand the first nomination in the 2017 special election, it was like a consolation prize for Gianforte after he spent $6 million of his own dollars to lose the governor’s race. I understand that his history of fabricating stories, aggressive behavior and his inability to interact with the press correctly was only documented several times, I mean he hadn’t punched anyone, bodyslammed them to the ground and broke their glasses. But after Greg Gianforte assaulted Guardian reporter Ben Jacobs Montana Republicans have no excuse for not picking a better candidate.

Real Montana Republicans will have many options in 2018 if the Repubican Party Machine chooses not to primary Gianforte, as a libertarian candidate has joined the race for Congress and the Democratic primary has many good candidates.

Here is the full list of candidates for the races for U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives:

It’s rather surprising that no Republican has announced a primary challenge to Greg Gianforte. He won’t talk to the press, he won’t talk to his constituents and he is a pariah amongst DC and Montana Republicans for his assault conviction and misleading the police.

One contender that was expected to emerge was Great Falls State Senator Greg Buttrey who challenged Gianforte in the special election primary earlier this year. Though Buttrey has been largely missing from the discussion and has only emerged once to attend a fundraiser held by Lola Zinke for a Senate candidate.

Secretary Zinke and Buttrey of Great Falls are embroiled in their own scandal over Zinke’s sweetheart sale of an RV to Buttrey’s congressional campaign that was sold far below market value. This comes while Ed Buttrey is angling to become the assistant to the Secretary of the Interior himself.

Every Republican should be questioning their party loyalty and demanding a better candidate.

Ed Buttery should challenge Gianforte again as he did in the special election primary nearly besting him then.

Everyone knows Ed Buttrey wants to be Governor, well Montanans demand courage from their governor. The courage to stand up to your own party every once in a while is paramount to a healthy Montana.

True Republicans must revolt against their party to save this country.

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