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Daines and Gianforte Give Away America’s Future to Hawaiian T-Shirt Magnate and Koch Heir

This week, Steve Daines and Greg Gianforte left D.C. to campaign for support of their $1.5 trillion dollar tax scam that benefits billionaires and corporations.

Daines and Gianforte continued to evade Montanans throughout the week during their closed-door meetings with businesses.

While a portion, barely 13%, of the total $1.5 trillion dollars in tax cuts have gone to working people, the majority have gone to the 1%. Or more appropriately, the .001%. Steve Daines voted to give that this guy, Wyatt Koch, a $1 billion dollar a year tax cut:

This is Wyatt Koch. He is Bill Koch’s son—heir to Koch Industries. He makes these cabana shirts with moneybags on them. These shirts are marketed to Wall Street executives to wear on their yachts and at nightclubs. Steve Daines gave Wyatt and his family over $1 billion dollars a year, while you got nothing.

Not only did Steve Daines vote to give Wyatt Koch and his family billions of dollars in tax breaks, Daines voted to personally give Wyatt even more money through new exemptions in the estate tax. Wyatt can now have up to $22.4 million dollars of his multimillion dollar inheritance completely tax free.

More money for Wyatt Koch to make these brilliant shirts and pants:

Daines likes to tout how the tax breaks might have maybe trickled down to workers through one-time bonuses, taxed at nearly 25%, and a small bump in paychecks.

Middle-class Montanans and Americans have been carrying this country for far too long. The wealthy continue to pay next to nothing while taxes and healthcare continue to increase for Montanans. Every Montanan deserves a pay raise, every Montanan should have more money in their pockets. Democrats do not argue with this, we believe families should earn even more.

Democrats believe in fair taxes, and the wealthy paying their fair share. While Daines might have voted to give hard-working Montanans merely $40 extra dollars a month, he happily voted to give his Koch Brother donors and Wyatt Koch to get over a billion dollars a year. That’s not tax reform, that is highway robbery.

If you are like most Montanans and haven’t seen a cent of these tax cuts trickle down to you, get mad. Daines believes this guy:

who has never worked a day in his life and inherited all his fortune, should get a billion more dollars every year.

And since Daines is such a fiscal conservative, he is now ready to defund and privatize Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security because this $1.5 trillion dollar tax cut has put the federal budget in a debt crisis.

So, less programs and benefits for you and your family so that Wyatt can live his American dream of making these fabulous shirts.

Check out this amazing video about all the hard work Wyatt Koch has done to get where he is today:


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