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Bullock Outclasses Trump During White House Meeting with Thoughtful Approach on Guns in Schools

Governor Bullock Shows Montana Smarts on Gun Safety

Reflecting upon his experience as a gun owner and hunter, Governor Bullock spoke at the White House on Monday and thoughtfully addressed the concerns of many Montanans, Americans, and especially students and teachers as he laid out a more nuanced understanding of the safe use of firearms.

Governor Bullock stated:

“I approach it as a gun owner who’s eleven-year-old son got his first deer this past fall. I approach it as a victim. I had a nephew shot and killed, an eleven year old on a playground. Forty three times since I’ve been governor, I’ve been asked to lower the flags. Twelve of them have been for mass shootings in the last five years.”

Bullock went on to express concerns about the effectiveness of arming teachers:

“Will this person under pressure know what to do with a firearm before we start introducing the firearms into our schools?”

Governor Bullock represented Montana well on the issue of guns in schools. We need a more thoughtful approach to this topic and it’s good to see Montana leadership on this crucial Montana issue. Montanans, like Governor Bullock, are proud gun owners. We know that guns are to be used for very specific purposes and guns in the hands of teachers is a nonsensical idea. Teachers are responsible for the education of children, not to shoot gunmen with semi-automatic weapons.

Introducing more guns in schools is not the answer, we need fewer guns in schools. Never has more violence solved the problem. Having bullets whizzing around from both sides and the police is not a safe situation for Montana children. They will just be fodder between gunfire from three sides with teachers, law enforcement and some crazed gunman with an AR-15.

Governor Bullock gets it right, let’s think this through and thoughtfully address the issues, not go rushing in with our eyes closed and minds turned off. We must address gun violence, but it looks Trump’s idea of arming teachers was a big swing and miss.

The Washington Post reported that:

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval (R) and Montana Gov. Steve Bullock (D), the chairman and vice chairman of the National Governors Association, met with reporters after the session at the White House and said they were more confident than in the past that this mass shooting would lead to action on school safety, guns and mental health issues.

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