Guns in Schools and Student Walkouts, BUT Will 18 Year-Olds Vote? (Video, Updates, and Resources)

Missoula Hellgate High School students stand in unity against gun violence on the Higgins St. Bridge after walking out of class

Last week, I wrote a piece urging high school students to follow what they know is right and stand up for their right to live. Peacefully showing unity and solidarity for the concerns you have about your safety, your friends’ safety, and your teachers’ safety by walking out of class to protest gun murder in American schools.

Now, some high schools and universities are supporting these student walkouts. Teachers were urged to walkout with their students to make sure they stay safe as well as supporting them in their right to free speech:


You can register to vote if you will be 18 years-old by election day, November 6th, 2018. So, if you were born before November 6th, 2000 you are eligible to vote this year in the primary and general election.

Voter Registration Application

Vote By Mail Application

Download. Print out. Fill out. Mail back. Addresses of local elections offices on the bottom of voter registration form.

HOW TO GUIDE: How to succeed in organizing a high school walkout (LINK)


Buzzfeed: Colleges are promising High Schoolers That Getting Suspended For Protesting Guns Won’t Hurt Their Admissions Chances

Huffington Post: The Teens Are Coming For The NRA, And They Can’t Be Stopped

National Public Radio: From Bellingham To Tallahassee Students ‘Walk Out’ Demanding Gun Reform

Montana Public Radio: Missoula Students March For Stronger Gun Regulations

Billings Gazette: Billings Students Organizing School Walkout and March in Wake of Shooting, Threats

Helena Independent Record: ‘Something needs to change’: Carroll College students plan walkout to protest gun laws

Montana Public Radio: Helena Youth Against Gun Violence Group Forms After Florida School Shooting

Billings Gazette: Student Walkouts, School Threats: The Gun Debate in Montana

Missoula Rises: Missoula Walkout Footage on Higgins Bridge

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