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Dear High School Students: If Adults Threaten To Punish You For Protesting School Shootings, PROTEST ANYWAY!

If anyone other than high school students is reading this, you can stop now, this is not written for you…

To all high school students in Montana and America:

What you are doing is right. What you are doing is just. What you are doing is necessary. Do not stop what you are doing. Your instincts are correct. You must keep standing up, speaking out and let no one silence you. You must remain united. A better world is possible and you deserve a better world than the one you are inheriting.

You deserve much, first, you deserve apologies. Climate change is a nightmare that will ravage your future world.

Your elected representatives don’t listen to regular citizens and are bought off by their billionaire donors.

College is so expensive that it is a debt sentence.

We are so sorry for Donald Trump. We’re all sorry we didn’t do more to stop him.

And we’re all especially sorry that we haven’t protected you better from school shootings. You have become targets in your own schools of those who seek to use weapons of war on you.

An AR-15 is not a tool. An AR-15 is for murdering people.

Politicians like to make a lot of excuses for why they can’t protect you from AR-15s. They like to blame any number of reasons for the use of AR-15s, but they don’t say that AR-15s are the problem. This is why you must continue standing up. You are the only ones saying this because you know it to be true.

Missoula students walked out yesterday and I say, don’t look back, keep marching, chanting and protesting to the promised land we all deserve. You deserve. You don’t need us, but know that we have your backs even though you will be belittled online and threatened by administrators with unfair punishments. Speak up anyway. Speak for your own lives, for your best friend, for your teachers. Speak up for common sense. Speak up for the sake of democracy.

This is some good information and advice from Wonkette:

It is your right to protest in the United States of America. (Seriously, click that link to learn about your rights if you need to brush up.) Also, a little civil disobedience is called for sometimes. Just ask Congressman John Lewis, who was beaten on the Edmund Pettus bridge in Selma, Alabama, because black folks wanted to register to vote.

And you’re gonna be worried about some superintendent threatening to mark up your permanent record with his stupid red pen because you spoke out about not wanting to get mowed down by bullets at school? LOL, like hell you are.

If superintendents, principals, teachers, or anyone else threatens to punish you for exercising your Constitutional right to protest for the cause of “I do not wish to be gunned down at school or anywhere else with semi-auto weapons,” if they say they’re going to suspend you, if they lie and try to convince you colleges won’t look at you if you are so disobedient, call their motherfucking bluff. Walk out of that school, locking arms with all your friends as you go.

And if they make good on their threats? Take the three-day suspension, and while you’re sitting at home thinking about how naughty you’ve been, call the ACLU. Those civil rights lawyers love shit like this! And if you’re worried about getting into college, write your college entrance essay about why you walked out and what it taught you. Godless liberal academia loves shit like that!

REMINDER TO SENIORS: It’s February. If you are college-bound, your admissions stuff is probably already finished. Even more reason to tell Principal DoucheRocket to get bent!

Also? You all probably have serious senior-itis right now anyway, so just do whatever you feel the Lord is leading you to do.

This has been a Wonkette public service announcement, for the badass high school kids of America, who will lead us out of the hell in which Donald Trump, the GOP and the NRA have placed us.

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