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Thousands More Lose Jobs as Republican Tax Scam Ravages Nation: Daines Loves It!


Steve Daines: The Firings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

Montana’s junior Senator Steve Daines loves the new Republican tax scam. He posts about it online all the time and anytime he can get in front of a camera he spouts off about the tax cuts he helped secure for the Koch Brothers(a billion dollar annual cut for them) and mega-corporations who have responded to the tax cuts by buying back their own stocks to the tune of 88 billion dollars and massive layoffs all across the nation.

I have covered these layoffs several times as they continue and the list of companies involved grows and the number of workers losing work increases with each press release about a factory closing.

TAX SCAM FALLOUT: Billionaires Get Richer, Corporations Begin Firings and Wages Stagnant for American Workers

The Trump Administration has us mired us in a sluggish economy as job growth slows to a six-year low in Trump’s first year, companies have started firing after getting their tax scam passed, wages remain stagnant and American families are struggling to pay for groceries and basic bills.

Republicans claimed the tax scam bill would create jobs, but it was revealed in leaked documents that AT&T and Comcast have already started firing thousands of employees around Christmas.

 Steve Daines Ignores Layoffs of American Workers, While He Gives Koch Brothers Billion Dollar Annual Tax Cut

In a series of statements that Montana’s Junior Senator Steve Daines has posted to Twitter over the past few days he has decided to ignore the tens of thousands of American workers who have been laid off since he decided to abandon Montanans and vote for his benefactors the Koch Brothers in passing the reprehensible tax scam bill that is nothing more than a giveaway to the wealthiest corporations and billionaires.

Steve Daines has no shame, we all know that. He has chosen to ignore Montanans and make sure his billionaire donors are enriched because they are his only path to re-election in 2020. He can’t convince Montanans that he is working for them so he’ll just have to buy the election instead.

And now the Tax Scam bill is somehow worse than expected as layoffs continue:

Layoffs: Whirlpool confirms it will conduct layoffs

Layoffs: Amazon lays off hundreds of employees

Layoffs: Proctor and Gamble announces the closing of its Kansas City plant


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