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Gianforte is the Richest Congressman: $300 Million Dollar Greg Doesn’t Understand Montanans

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Money can’t buy you happiness, (or the Governor’s Office) but it can buy you a seat in the United States Congress. That’s saying something about our screwed America’s campaign finance system. It can even buy you a seat after you assault a member of the free press.

It is estimated that Congressman Gianforte has a net worth of $315 million in assets, making him the richest man in Congress and beating out the former richest man in Congress, Rep. Darrel Issa from California, by several hundred million. Greg is not the economic populist Montanans want representing them.

The Montana Copper Kings of RightNow Technologies are alive and well.

But even with all this wealth and spending over $8 million of his own wealth on two elections, Gianforte recently broke his gimmick of a pledge to not accept PAC money. Why should a wealthy man continue to spend his own money when he can spend someone else’s?

Money can buy you friends like the Kochs, loyalty from Montana Republicans, and “yes men” to tell you what you want to hear, but money will never buy you the understanding of what makes Montanans feel the way we do. Why we think the way we do. Why we want an economy where the rich pay their fair share. Or, why we hate wealthy outsiders who buy up our lands and then block our public access to them.

Money has forever insulated Gianforte from the truly hard land and way we live as Montanans. It takes hard work to make it in this state and real Montanans respect those who grind it out to make a good living for themselves and their families. Gianforte is a man who thinks going to Big Sky Resort is considered roughing it.

All of Gianforte’s political strategists and all his money for attack ads can get him reelected, but it will never make Montanans respect him. That’s what all politicians want, they want to be loved and admired. Montanans will never love Gianforte, he will never be considered a Montanan. Gianforte will forever be known as “ The New Jersey Millionaire who beat up a Reporter.”

That is all we will remember him for and that is all that will forever be remembered in his political history.




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